Unleash yourself gal!

Anshita Banthia
2 min readSep 25, 2021

Rightly quoted by Anne Sweeney, “Define success on your own terms, achieve it, by your own rules, and build a life that you’re proud to live.”

Every year in India, delightfully, we celebrate festivals such as Raksha-Bandhan and Bhai-dooj, to ensure that we become the greatest hypocrites in the history of mankind, that just talk and manifest how open-minded and accepting have we become with the course of time, but only superficially! And no matter however educated we get, we won’t change our traditions for good.

To your surprise, let me also mention that, even till the present day, in many parts of our country, people still practice the vindictive tradition of merrily striking utensils, on the birth of a boy child. And those are the same people who believe that the birth of a girl in the family represents the arrival of the goddess ‘Lakshmi’!

Should we not raise our voices against these incoming and outgoing chauvinist believes?

Who will do that for us? Still wondering?

“If not you, who? If not now, when ?”

De-hostage the girls, don’t restrict them so that they can fulfill their own dreams, achieve their own goals, and can run not only their family but also the entire world. And have the audacity and the grit to stand tall, right beside a man. We must learn to not feel submissive and meek but to be feisty. We have our own opinions, perspectives, and decisions, so we must stand by and for ourselves and learn to be happy all alone. Keeping in mind, that we never misuse our rights to suppress anyone.

Being self-reliant is crucial, not only to be a proud female, but also to pave way for the future females so that they don’t have to succumb to the prejudices of the misogynist and male-dominated societies, and can be liberal from all those protocols that are targeted to slam and bind them. Remember, life is too short, so, it is important for us, to live, and not just survive!



Anshita Banthia

A computer science grad, who loves to write about the deeper and underlying aspects of life. I want to incite conversations through my content.