Sitting carefree in dark,

glancing at the vivacious stars that shine….

surrounded by goodness and purity,

in the night sky so divine.

The deep white pearl (moon)

with adorable beauty and glaze…

showers the glorious moonlight,

that comes and sways you away.

The arms of the artistic night sky,

take away all your worries…

they adorn your soul from within,

and satiate you up with peace.

And when the melodious voice of the nightingale,

breaks the silence of the night,

the experience makes you poetic

and fills your heart with immense love….



Anshita Banthia

Anshita Banthia

I find my eyeballs mostly over common aspects of life and love to dig deep into them. I want to add value and little thought-provoking scepticism in my readers.